Alison Webb @ Zafer

Dear Claire … 

I know we haven’t had much time to “catch up” but from all the feedback I’ve received (and the amadeus orchestra rang to specifically thank your ladies) I know we chose the right people for the job.  (but there again I didn’t need anyone’s validation as I always knew that). You know we don’t need to send emails to one another and I know you’re going to be there for us ( for me!!) and that you’ll put the best people for the job, on the job. I hope you all managed to find some time to have a blast…We won’t do too many of those that’s for sure

Thank YOU so much. I think our team felt fully supported – loved working with your ladies… Deep unspoken, but acknowledged, respect, gratitude and admiration.

Alison Webb
ZAFER Associates / PORTFOLIO Creations Ltd